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Help Fight the Negative
Attack Ads by Obama

Barack Obama has 3 times as much money on hand as Mitt right now.We need your help to STOP his socialist agenda in its tracks.

Barack Obama might be the most unpopular President in American history, but he still has a ton of money for his reelection. He’s already attacking Mitt Romney on the airwaves and with negative television ads. Obama is prepared to spend $1 BILLION this year to hold onto his job.

Planned Parenthood, Big Labor, and major progressive-leftist PACs have spent more than $8 million trying to smear Mitt Romney.

 "Now is the time we can do something, and with your help we will do something!"

Step 2: Help Fund the Battle.


We're trailing in fundraising, but now is the time to dig deep and give as much as you can to support Romney. Your donation will go directly to fighting the negative attack ads by Obama.

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Help elect Mitt Romney as the 45th President of the United States of America with a donation of $45 or more and receive a free Romney bumper sticker!

Cut the Deficit
Put America back on track to a balanced budget!

Reign in Healthcare Costs
Start by repealing and replacing Obamacare!

Energy Independant
Take full advantage of our oil, coal, gas, nuclear and renewables

Empower Businesses & Workers
Reverse the executive orders by President Obama the favor organized labor!

Make Trade Work for America
Forge new trade agreements and penalize nations that cheat the system!

Romney's 5 Step Plan to Create 12 Million New Jobs

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